We help businesses with data that connect with their target market and drive rapid revenue growth

Who are we and how do we help you?

Based in Delaware, USA. We are a dedicated team of Data experts. Our main job is to extract insightful data(email lists) from various data sources to drive tangible business outcomes. By doing this we empower many businesses with databases that allow them to achieve their business goals.

We provide you with pre-packaged deals or customized B2B Marketing Data.

Usually, we build data as per industries, job titles, geographic location, demographics, size of the prospective market, etc.

Our directory consists of decision-makers from many industries. We provide you with complete information about prospects so that they can interact with them via emails, physical mails, or telephone.

So far, we have served 500 + clients from various niche industries across the globe. Industries related to finance, education, health, real estate, manufacturing have yielded considerable profits through our data.

We have a data repository of over 75M+ business records. Our team of researchers update and re-verify the record every 30 days to ensure data is accurate and reliable at all times.


What do we provide and why?

We are B2B professionals with 3+ years of experience but expertise equal to 11+ years. We realized that marketing and sales teams shoulder the major responsibility for the growth and existence of a Business, revenue growth.

Our goal is to make marketing and sales professional’s lives easier by providing them with accurate and reliable data of target prospects (decision-makers) to generate sales, build profitable relationships, get new clients, and Scale their business.


We Don’t Believe In Formula, One Data Matches All

We understand every business and its needs are unique, hence we provide flexible and customized data set solutions based on your needs. Also, provide Multi-dimensional B2B marketing data.


“Without a systematic way to start and keep data clean, bad data will happen.” — Donato Diorio

In the past, data providers used machine learning, scraping, and automation to build a huge database. The problem was that the data was only 80% accurate.

To solve the bad data problem

At Emerge Global Solutions, We do many quality checks of data in real-time. Usually, we verify mobile numbers and email ids using various verification tools.

Besides this, we spend most of our time testing, validating, and handpicking the leads that go into our product, so that you don’t have to waste time sorting them out.

Our  research and quality assurance team hand-verifies every contact to ensure 95% data accuracy

As a marketing and sales professional, all you have to do is plug your leads into your outbound tool and tap on the send button. Cleaner lists mean fewer  email bounces and you can spend more time talking to real leads


Why Choose us?

➤ We maintain Data Transparency .i.e data is accurate and it comes from an official source.

➤ Our marketing database covers a wide range of niche industries.

➤ You can expand your business globally as we have data of various industries from 150+ countries.

➤ Over the years we have noticed our database has empowered various businesses in achieving their business goals.

➤ We strive for data accuracy, not size.

➤ Customized data based on your needs and one that aligns with your business goals.

➤ We provide important details of your prospect to run your online campaigns.

➤ We provide the latest and relevant data for businesses based on their needs.

➤ No matter, which part of the world you belong to, we are happy to serve you with data.

➤ You can concentrate on other aspects of business and need not spend time looking for leads.

➤ We update and re-verify the data every 30 days so that the data is intact.

We are Available Worldwide

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